Equipped Laboratory

The lab has advanced tools able to perform tests on the productive process and on products.
Routine tests run are:
  • Chemical analysis: 2 spectrometers ARL and LECO C/S analyser
  • Thermal analysis: ITACA system
  • Traction test: Instron 60kN machine with strain gauge
  • Notched-bar impact value: Galdabini pendulum till -50°C
  • Microstructural analysis: Nikon optical microscope and image analysis software
  • Sand moulding analysis
  • Monitoring of casting freezing through the placement of thermocouple in the flask
  • Fatigue test: RUMUL Testronic 150kN machine

The tendency of VDP to do research activities is also achieved with numerous collaborations with Universities and the related publications on international magazines that originate from them.