The finishing and preparation cycle of the castings is completed internally, thanks to the production capacity of the group.

  • Sand-blasting: through a tunnel or through a chain
  • Cleaning: with manual grinding or with robot
  • Coating: by dipping or by spraying 

Once the casting process is finished and the solidification is completed, the castings need to be cleaned from impurities and melting residues. In order to do this, VDP has multiple operational workstations: the automatic knock-out line provides the cleaning of small/medium castings. For castings up to 100 tons, there is a specific department consisting of a shake-out machine with a capacity of 120 tons. A specific department with an automatic sand-blaster works non-stop for the cleaning of medium dimension castings. Lastly, the modern coating plant, 6 automatic cleaning stations (for castings up to 20 tons) and a series of manual cleaning chambers, complete the finishing preparation cycle of small castings.