The melting department is the source of all VDP castings

VDP has always been careful at keeping up with technological innovation and at maintaining structures that guarantee the most safety in all working environments. VDP uses a handling system for smaller ladles that is completely automatic. A powerful robot on rails works on the furnace line perfectly completing the preparation cycles for the pouring and it handles the preparation of the different alloys through a computerised system. The furnace plant also feeds into the box less and handmade moulding department: ladles with exceptional collection capacity are used to produce large castings. The melting capacity of VDP Group counts 14 electric furnaces:

  • VDP S.p.A.: 5 furnaces with capacity from 17 to 60 tons
  • VDC s.r.l.: 4 furnaces with capacity of 28 tons each
  • VDZ s.r.l.: 3 furnaces with capacity from 28 to 55 tons