Development and design

The co-design with the client, the study and analysis of each melting are what ensures high qualitative standards and optimisation of the productive process. The perfect knowledge of phases that represent the transformation of a liquid metal in a solid metal mould, allow the research and development department of VDP to design and simulate the filling-up and solidification stages of the castings.

This preliminary stage is further explored through the software Magma Soft, an advanced tool that allows our technicians a careful and elaborated analysis of the possible criticalities of the products, before moving onto the design of moulds/core boxes. Whenever the casting is particularly complex, we will proceed with the making of the core box and the mould with the 3D printer. This tool at disposal of our team of technicians, allows them to study and industrialise the equipment by optimizing time and cost of production.

Every sample of a casting is put under careful conformity tests to verify that all castings fully satisfy the right qualitative and structural specifications. During the daily production cycle, a spot check on production is applied to verify that the quality of the product upholds the quality standards.